If it can be baked…….

……..it is found here


Bakers are responsible for half of your breakfast

It is only bakers who understand how their ovens work especially the faulty ones

A good baker works even with a strict deadline

Bakers stand on their feet all day.

Bakers suffer from some sort of OCD

Bakers work very odd hours

Most bakers are their own accountants, logisticians & supply chain of sorts. A powerhouse.

Every ingredient has a chemical job. Great taste is a confirmation that everything has worked out well.

  • Flour gives your it structure.
  • Baking powder or soda icreases fluff, hence height.
  • Eggs are the glue.
  • sugar affirms the eggs that they are doing a great job.
  • Oil and butter make it soft.
  • Milk or water makes it moist.
  • Yeast is actually a fart from the fungus that feeds on sugar. Gross in an interesting way.
  • The rest, aesthetics.

A baker by heart doesn’t measure ingredredients. S/he just knows.

Bakers’ secrets occur when they are forced to invent their own recipe or ingredient after so many fails.

Why be listed on this directory?

  1. You will have a wider reach to your customers & suppliers knowing that your customer is just a click away.
  2. A platform to display your work without having to ‘send photos‘.
  3. You will see who is around you i.e. fellow bakers, suppliers & manufacturers.
  4. You will be getting alerted of any new products from manufacturers & suppliers via newsletters.
  5. The power of networking especially whenever you are overloaded with orders e.g. wedding season.
  6. Customers from out of town or abroad can reach you without much of a hustle.
  7. After all these, why not?!

What do WE offer you to be listed here?

  1. The first 10 businesses per town will be hosted for free – 1st offer
  2. The 11th business onwards will pay 1,000/- to be hosted for the rest of the year – 2nd offer
  3. Come 2021, if you are able to pay for they whole year in one lump, you get 2 months discount – 3rd offer.

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